We are up and running using online Telehealth services!

Creating Harmony and Balance…

Family Center for Change strives to help children, teenagers, adults, and families. Our therapists assist clients in fulfilling personal goals and creating a greater sense of purpose and connection to others. Balance in life and personal connections are both essential to our well being. You can learn how to repair or strengthen your relationships through individual and family counseling. There are also various treatment options available to reduce anxiety and depression. We specialize in cognitive behavioral and mindfulness therapies for all ages, as well as play and art therapy for young children and adolescents. Our therapists also have specialties in substance abuse, co-occuring disorders, and eating disordered behaviors. Group therapy is often available based on current demand. Please check out all of our individual bio pages for more detailed information on each therapist.

Our office is located on the second floor of a private medical building. We are in the Courtyard Development off route 206 in Hillsborough.